uJAM – Virtual Drummer PHAT

uJAM’s Virtual Drummer PHAT 2 has revolutionized the way musicians create drum parts. This powerful virtual drum station puts in your hands a virtual world of grooves, sounds and versatility unseen before. With a wide selection of acoustics and electronic kits, Virtual Drummer PHAT 2 is the ideal virtual drummer for any style of music.

Virtual Drummer PHAT 2 offers a variety of features to suit any music genre. The multi-mic drum room gives you the ability to mix and shape the sound of your drums, while the powerful 8-Band EQ and Limiter help to emphasize or dampen the desired frequency range. The Groove-Builder feature allows you to create new grooves in a variety of styles from classic to modern hip-hop and more.

Virtual Drummer PHAT 2 allows you to customize your sound by editing the different articulations of each drum piece. You also have control over the humanized nuances of the drums thanks to the new Humanize feature. This feature creates realistic sounding drum parts with subtle dynamic variations from one note to the next.

Virtual Drummer PHAT 2’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use, even for beginners. Simply click on the drum piece you want to adjust and then tweak the knobs and buttons to get the perfect sound. With its intuitive workflow and simple controls, Virtual Drummer PHAT 2 makes it easy to tweak and mix your drums.

With uJAM’s Virtual Drummer PHAT 2, you will always have the perfect drummer at your fingertips. Whether you’re producing a rock classic to finish that album or just want to add a little something to your latest song, uJAM’s Virtual Drummer PHAT 2 has the perfect groove for your desired sound.

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